About Sangareddy: Sangareddy is a large town located in the district of Medak in the state of Telangana in India. It has a population of about 1,51,000 persons living in around 12052 households.Area of  Sangareddy town is 144.50Sq Kms.Density of population of Sangareddy town is 1,000/sq km.It is the District head quarter of Medak District.It is 56Kms from state capital Hyderabad.

SSK Samaj funtion hall building is constructed near old bus station Sangareddy

The registrar of societies Hyderabad has taken the amendments of SRI SOMAVAMSHA SAHASTRARJUNA KSHTRIYA SAMAJ,SANGAREDDY on records vide registration no:4272 of 1997 dt:04-09-1997.